Clockwork Avalon

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This wiki is a work in progress, so please pardon my dust. I'm putting it together to serve as a resource document for my campaign world, Arken.

Update (2 August 2013): Added in the Summoner class and Ghost Elves. I'm eyeballing the Ghost Elves for some revamping.
Update (4 July 2012): Eh, so maybe it was more like "next month". I posted some races, did a bit of work on the Paladin - I might be hitting it with the nerf-bat after this, but it looks like about a Tier 3 to me. Also, I hate tables.
Update (23 March 2012): I'm compiling some of the documents for updates to the races and some of the classes. I plan to post them this Saturday/Sunday. I also have some partial documents for Magiran and Avalon that I need to write, kind of modeled after the entries for each country in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

Races of Arken

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Classes of Arken

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Equipment of Arken

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Bestiary of Arken

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World of Arken

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The western half of the central continent, Fieria is the most technologically-advanced region thanks to the Knights' Mandate. Fieria is a chilly, mountainous region with harsh winters but warm summers. Athelo's Lake sits in the middle of the continent, a large freshwater lake that feeds much of the region's commerce and divides the continent into three peninsulas - Avalon, Dunador, and Baelnoel. The Shieldmounts lay to the east, protecting much of the region from the barbarians of Galgany and Jitenar. The region's population is primarily human and dwarven, though there are sealtuans native to the coastal areas and the Isles of Jelkesh. - (Link to more)


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The ancient homeland of the elves, Aerica is mostly primeval forest - at first glance. - (Link to more)


The ruins of the ancient Golden Empire, Yun-Yamma-Kur is a sunken continent southeast of the Kundarath coast. - (Link to more)


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